The Journey

Towards Excellence

Since our humble beginnings as a textile chemical trader 45 years ago, the Texchem Group has undergone tremendous growth and diversification. Today, we are a Malaysian multinational conglomerate that comprises four diverse business Divisions (Restaurant, Industrial, Food & Polymer Engineering) with operations that span across the ASEAN region and Japan.

The Group’s sustained expansion is founded on our strengths in identifying and capitalising on market opportunities to provide our customers and clients with the highest quality products and services. We are fully committed to becoming an international market leader in all our core business areas and delivering superior shareholder value.

Texchem’s vision is to be

the FIRST choice of customers.

To achieve this, we are committed:

  • To pioneer transformation through state-of-the-art innovation
  • To exceed customers’ expectations by consistently delivering products, services and experiences of unparalleled quality and value
  • To be recognised as a Centre of Excellence through continuous improvement, total involvement and best practices
  • To be recognised as an organisation dedicated to Responsible Care for employees, customers, suppliers and the community in which we operate
  • To be the Company of Choice for the career advancement and personal development of employees

Core Values

The guiding principles that keep our employees aligned to our desired corporate behavior.
These 5 core values, together with our business values and philosophy, reflect our culture, spirit and dedication in all that we do.

We embrace change and a curiosity to learn, seeking out creative solutions and opportunities to adapt to future trends and needs, unlock new business potentials and strive for continuous improvements.

We endeavour to employ our resources smartly and practice efficient and effective decision-making to ensure that we meet our common goals by consistently building value for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

We take full responsibility for all our actions and the resulting consequences, making and supporting our business decisions based on sound experience and judgement to achieve the desired results.

We nurture a supportive environment that advocates excellence by providing the right developmental opportunities to consistently enhance the value of our people and inspire them to be their best.

We shall build an enjoyable working environment through respect, trust, care and teamwork. We shall build social consciousness and extend a helping hand to the community.

Business Values
Texchem’s business values moving forward:


Ensuring the sustainability of the business through continuous innovation, constant advancements, continuous process improvement, sustainable supply chain and etc.


Adopting green business practices such as effective waste management, water conservation, greening the supply chain, venturing into green businesses etc.

Health & Safety

A company that is associated with having high standards and safety regulations in the products produced and supplied.
Integrity Pledge
Texchem is committed to strongly uphold


and we pledge as follows:

1. We are committed to uphold integrity, transparency and accountability.
2. We have zero-tolerance on all forms of corruption in the course of our business dealings.
3. We endeavor to develop and continuously strengthen our internal control systems to prevent any unethical practices.
4. We will comply with all laws, codes and guidelines for good corporate governance.
5. We will refrain from and fight against any form of corrupt practices.

Historical Journey

29 August 1973
The founding of Texchem Malaysia Sdn Bhd – marked the birth of Texchem Group Industrial Division

January 1979
Establishment of Consumer Plastics (now known as Texchem-Pack) Polymer Engineering Division

September 1990
Incorporation of Sugiyo (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (now known as Sea Master Food Sdn Bhd) – Texchem’s entry into the manufacturing of surimi-based products.

May 1993
Listed on the Second Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange

January 1995
Incorporation of Sushi Kin Sdn Bhd – expansion into Japanese Restaurant chain business Restaurant Division

June 2001
Transfer of TRB to the Main Board of Bursa

January 2003
Establishment of Texchem Food Sdn Bhd (“TFSB”) – Texchem’s major leap into the seafood business

Texchem celebrated 40th Anniversary

Texchem celebrated 45th Anniversary

Management Team

Good business ethics are the cornerstone of the Texchem Group.
These are the values that we are dedicated to uphold in all our corporate dealings.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri (Dr) Fumihiko Konishi, Group Executive Chairman
Yap Kee Keong, President & Group CEO, President & CEO Industrial Division, President & CEO Venture Business Division
Ooi Chye Khoon, Chief Financial Officer
Akihiko Hijioka, President & COO Restaurant Division 
Johnson Tay, President & CEO Polymer Engineering Division
Masayuki Sugino, President & COO Food Division

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Texchem Group believes in nurturing the symbiosis between a company and the community in which without the community, a company cannot sustain its businesses. With the aim of promoting social welfare among the less fortunate, the Group has sponsored various charity activities and organizations.

For Texchemers, the Group believes that a healthy lifestyle is key to their happiness and wellbeing. Multiple programs throughout the year are carried out to build on the power of positive peer influence to help people adopt healthy and positive behaviors.