We Are Strong

At Texchem Group, we value the contributions of each and every one of our employees, which is why we place utmost importance in offering a conducive work environment that is supportive of their ambitions.

We believe that by helping our employees realize their full potential, they in turn, can help us achieve our corporate aspirations, making us an ideal place for talented individuals to build their careers.

Working in Texchem

Encourage Growth

Texchemers are offered plenty of opportunities to increase knowledge, build skills and nurture talents.

Reward Performance

Whether as an individual or a team, achievement, motivation, initiative and drive are acknowledged and rewarded.

Work-Life Balance

We want Texchemers to be healthy, happy, and positive, both inside and outside of Texchem.

Education & Graduates

Texchem have been continuously supporting and promoting local institutes of higher learning. Texchem has vast co-operation with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) on various projects, which includes:

  • Texchem Resources Bhd contributed RM25,000 to USM Polymer Engineering Best Graduate Gold Medal Award. The main objective is to assist the university’s efforts to promote, develop and produce more polymer graduates to fulfill industry needs.
  • Crab hatchery project between Texchem Food Sdn Bhd and the Centre for Marine and Coastal studies (CEMACS USM) – Texchem Food contributed RM100,000 to CEMACS.
  • Research and testing methodology with USM Vector Control & Research Unit, School of Biology Sciences.
  • Wrinkle-free cotton fabric between Texchem Malaysia Sdn Bhd with UNISAINS.
  • Industrial PhD program with School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering.

On top of the above, Texchem has further collaboration with government agencies such as MARDI and MPOB for the study on specific projects.

Collaboration with overseas institute of higher learning

In order to acquire the necessary knowledge and technology, Texchem has collaborated with universities from around the globe. Among them includes:

  • Cantho University, Vietnam on Crab Hatchery & Aquaculture Technology
  • Akron University, USA on Polymer Research
  • Tokyo University of Technology, Japan on Polymer Research

Here, you will find vacancy announcements for positions within the Texchem Group of Companies. Come take a look, and you might find yourself to be a Texchemer soon!


We welcome you to submit your resume to become part of the Texchem family. Join us in bringing excellence and innovation to every field and industry we are in.