Group Training & Development

For continuous employees’ development, training and development is one of the most important facet in Texchem. In line with the Strategic Group HR Plan, we are establishing a system to continuously:

  • Identify knowledge gap needed by the employees to accomplish their job.
  • Identify training programs suitable to achieve company and group objectives.
  • Establish training support from both internal and external resources.
  • Continuous assessment on the effectiveness of training programs.
Total Amount Sponsored for Education Assistance Program from 2010 to 2015

Ladies in Leadership

In Texchem, female employees are given equal treatment as their male counterparts. Female employees are given opportunities to progress and hold important positions in the corporate ladder. Texchem Ladies’ Club was established to provide an additional platform for them to gain exposure, relevant skills and knowledge.

Intrapreneur Hunt

Intrapreneur Hunt aims to identify talented managers in Texchem Group and transform these individuals into Intrapreneurs. Texchem’s Group Human Resource Department is constantly working closely with the President & Group CEO to identify suitable candidates for this program and the Group CEO shall spend a day to “job buddy” with the selected candidate.

In line with this program, Texchem’s Group HR has formulated a system to ensure there is always a continuous flow of fresh talents through the hiring of fresh graduates.

Corporate Affair Committee (CAC)

Young managers from diverse educational background and experiences are selected from respective business divisions to be members of CAC. They deliberate on the company’s corporate affairs and businesses on a monthly basis and this provides the hands-on approach for talent development as they deal on real issues faced by Texchem.

Since the inception of CAC in 2004, 25 of its members have graduated and 17 of them currently hold senior management roles in Texchem.