Texchem Ladies Club

Texchem Ladies Club was established in year 1989 with its main objective being  to empower and develop leaders amongst female employees. Since its establishment, many activities have been held to encourage the participation of female employees and to showcase their talents and strengths.


Striving to advance

  • To promote the growth and development for betterment of oneself, organization and society.
  • To facilitate teamwork participation, organization skills and leadership quality.
  • To foster closer rapport, cohesion and fraternity among fellow colleagues.
  • To tap hidden talents, widen knowledge, improve skills and be more independent.
  • To gain recognition and respect from male counterparts, company and community.

Texchem Mount Kinabalu Club

Texchem Mount Kinabalu Club was established in 1994 with the objective of nurturing a healthier lifestyle via outdoor activities. The Club has brought Texchemers to Mount Kinabalu and Nepal – several times! More importantly, these activities have brought Texchemers closer together.

The Club’s activities include:

  • Annual hikathon
  • Mt Kinabalu quest
  • Nepal quest
  • Team building
  • Bootcamp
  • Hiking to various mountains/hills

Texchem Sports Meet

Texchem organizes a Sports Meet every year. Besides promoting a healthier lifestyle, the Sports Meet has proven to be an excellent and effective avenue in fostering closer ties among employees in the Texchem family.